Board of Directors Monthly Meeting September 13, 2021

The Foothills Clusters Board of Directors will hold their regular monthly meeting on Monday, September 13, 2021 at 6:30 P.M. on Zoom.  All homeowners are welcome to attend. For the safety and security of all you must register in advance for this meeting:

 After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

 Final nominations for Board of Directors may be made at this meeting.  It will be the last chance before ballots are printed and mailed.

The agenda for the meeting can be viewed  by clicking on Agenda.

2020 Board of Directors Election Results

The results of the Board of Directors election results at the 2020 Annual Homeowners Meeting is as follows:

  • Ms. Aletha Kalish re-elected to a term ending November 2023
  • Ms. Irene Barg re-elected to a term ending November 2023
  • Mr. Michael Katz elected to a term ending November 2023.

Also elected to serve as the FCHOA representative on the Foothills Master Association Board of Directors is;

  • Mr. David Kalish.

To see the complete list of Board of Directors and their terms click here.

At the November 2, 2020 Board of Directors Meeting, the following officers were elected:

  • President: Mr. Frank Karnauskas
  • Vice President: Ms. Aletha Kalish
  • Secretary: Ms. Irene Barg
  • Treasurer: Mr. Brian Bickel
  • Architectural Control Committee Chair: Ms. Linda Jaworski

Thanks to all our neighbors willing to serve as unpaid volunteers on the Board of Directors.

Pima County Leash Law Reminder

Recently there was an incident of an unleased dog attacking a service dog and its owner in the Common Area. The victim dog needed stitches and the dog’s owner suffered injury as well. This is not the first incident involving an unleashed dog attacking another dog in this area even though the owner was present.

This is a reminder that Pima County has strict ordinances concerning dogs.  Pima County Ordinance 6.04.030 states dogs are always to be on a leash when outside of the owner’s private property. Your dog MUST be on a leash at all times while your dog is on public and private streets. This includes FCHOA private roads and the desert Common Area governed by the Master Association and its member HOAs.

Leash law violations (and bites) can be reported to Pima Animal Control Center at 724-5900, ext. #4. A dispatcher is available 7 days a week until 9 p.m. After 9 p.m. bites and violations should be reported to the sheriff’s department. It is helpful to have the date, time and location of the violation, a description of the dog, and name and/or address for the owner if possible. Pictures of the off-leash dog are very helpful but violations should be reported with or without all of this information.

As a result of the recent incident, the Board of the Foothills Homeowners Master Association voted to post leash law signs at the entrance to each of the member HOAs and near the informal entrances to the Campbell Wash.

If you have questions or comments on this matter, please contact:

Mr. Dan Weisz
President, Foothills Homeowners Master Association

Independent Reserve Study Available for Review

Early this summer, the Board of Directors authorized the Treasurer to engage an independent firm to study the financial status of the HOA and its responsibility to maintain and protect its assets, including the repair and maintenance of its roads. 

Association Reserves of Chandler, Arizona was selected to perform the study.  The study was completed on June 12, 2018. A copy of the study can be seen by clicking on the following:

Reserve Study

Upon receiving the study it was first independently reviewed by the board members.  At the July Board of Directors meeting the board directed both the Landscape and Roads Committee and the Finance Committee to review the study and to offer their recommendations. Both committees approved the recommendations of the study.  Now, the Board of Directors will formally review the recommendations of the study and propose appropriate actions.

The first discussion of the reserve study and its recommendations will take place at the September 10, 2018 Board of Directors meeting.  The meeting will take place at the Catalina Foothills High School, House #1 Seminar Room at 6:30 PM. 

An essential part of this discussion will be finance options for the recommended road repairs.  These options will be presented by the Treasurer.  An open discussion for all homeowners will follow.

All homeowners are encouraged to attend the meeting.

More information will be posted on this site as it becomes available.  Announcements will be posted on Nextdoor and sent to members of the Association’s email list.