Join Foothills “Nextdoor”

Nextdoor is a lively blog where neighbors share references on local suppliers, ask questions about community issues, sell used items, announce events…just about anything that has to do with living in the Foothills Clusters.  You can even elect to get in on the chatter for surrounding neighborhoods.

Perhaps the best part…Nextdoor is absolutely free!

Nextdoor is a closed, private and moderated blog that is open only to Foothills Clusters residents (homeowners and renters alike).  To join, please click on the link below, fill out your email and street address.  The site moderator will verify you as a bona-fide resident and enable your access.

Note: Nextdoor is a third-party, commercial service that is not associated with the Foothills Clusters Homeowners Association.

Sign-Up Here!

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